About Order Information:

1.Why didn’t I receive an email about order shipping information?
In general, after the order is shipped, a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to the email address of this order.

2.How to modify the address before shipping?
You can change/modify the size/color of the product, delete the product or change the shipping address. Please contact our customer service email to tell you what needs to be modified, and we will assist you in making the modification. But if the package has been shipped, we will not be able to make any changes.

3.How to cancel an order?
After the order payment is successful, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail in the e-mail address you filled in the order.
Unshipped orders : Contact customer service within 24 hours after receiving the order confirmation email to notify the cancellation. Once the order is cancelled successfully, the refund will be returned to your payment account in the same way. At the same time, your email will also receive an order cancellation email .

4.Why has the order not shipped yet?
Under normal circumstances, the time limit for logistics transportation is 7-10 working days.
However, please note that due to the recent global Covid-19 impact, the delivery time of your order will be delayed, causing inconvenience. Sorry for your understanding.


About Package Information:

1.How to check the status of my package?

You can enter your tracking number to query through the following URL:

You can check your logistics information updates within 3 working days after the shipping confirmation email with the tracking number is sent.

2.Why is my package sent separately?
The reason why your order was sent separately is as follows:
1) Your various commodities are located in different warehouses.
2) It takes extra time to prepare different products.
3) Customs or express delivery restrictions on the weight of packages.
When each package is shipped, you will receive an email notification, please be patient.

3.Why was my package being returned?
The reasons for this may be as follows:
1) The address is incorrect or incomplete
2) Invalid or unreachable phone number
3) Unexpected accidents lead to unsettled delivery

It will take some time for the package to be returned to the overseas warehouse of the logistics. Please be patient. We will contact you in time to provide the delivery address to reconfirm or provide a new delivery address. In order to ensure that you can receive the package in time, please cooperate in time Reply to our information confirmation.


Payment related information:

1.Can I pay in advance?
Dear customer, we are very sorry that we do not support prepayment, you can try paypal payment, credit card payment.

2.Forgot to use the discount coupon?
Hello, I am glad to serve you!
Once the order is generated, we cannot add coupons for you, please understand.
If the order has not been sent, you can cancel the order and enter the coupon code to place the order again.
If your order has already been sent or you do not want to cancel the order, you can save the coupon code for use in your next order.
Hope to help you.


About Product Information

1.Choose a Size
Different clothes, styles and different manufacturers will produce certain differences. It is recommended that you can refer to the size guide under the product details of the website for reference selection.

2.Where are the goods shipped from?
We currently have warehouses in Hong Kong and China, and will ship according to the warehouse where the products you choose are located.

 3.Distribution area

 Global transport